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South Park: The Stick of Truth Full Version

South Park: The Stick of Truth Full Version Download


Oh my God! Welcome back to South Park


Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny are back in South Park: The Stick of Truth which we think is probably the best recreation of South Park’s world in a videogame ever made. This live-action-role-playing title has been developed by Obsidian Entertainment with the collaboration of South Park Digital Studios and Ubisoft as publisher to release the title for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and for PC download. Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the original creators of the TV series, have collaborated in the writing of the script, which assures players of the quality of the game’s story.

You will take the place of the new kid in town, who has run away from a mysterious secret by moving to the little village of South Park. You will be soon involved in a legendary battle concerning humans and elves for the great power of the Stick of Truth. Join the Grand Wizard Cartman and other fourth-grade kids for getting back the precious treasure and become a cool member of the gang or the biggest loser ever in South Park’s history of if you fail your objective.

South Park: The Stick of Truth will give you the impression of taking part in an episode from the series

The visual aspect of this South Park title is really similar to the TV show. South Park: The Stick of Truth will give you the impression of taking part in an episode from the series. The series design has been respected except for the character that you can fully customize at your free will. The voices will be the same from the original chapters, mostly performed by Parker and Stone.

Role-playing to rule them all

As any RPG title, the characters from the game are divided into four different classes. From the beginning, you will be able to choose among Fighter, a heavy melée warrior, Mage, who can release powerful magic, Thief, with speed and sneaky skills, and finally one class never seen before, the Jew, a cleric class based who uses a melée staff and unique skills like a David slingshot with a sock. Choose wisely since the class will determine the gameplay during your battles.

The gameplay is turn-based, but it has also grants the ability of guarding and counter-attacking in your opponents' turn. The different abilities are influenced by the original series. Release characters like Professor Chaos, Jesus Christ, Satan or Mr Slave, will act as summoning skills during your battles. Of course, while you are fighting against hippies, vampire gothics, elves and underpants gnomes a dialectical battle will take place with all kinds of heavy comments, so it is not aimed to sensitive public.

Use all your skills against other kids
Use all your skills against other kids

South Park: The Stick of Truth Full Version Features

Check out the main features of this game in the list below:

  • Immersive South Park experience cementing your social life befriending with the popular characters
  • Choose from among the four available classes like the Jew, Mage or Fighter swinging your weapons or casting spells against all kind of enemies
  • Visual aspect directly brought from the TV series with the collaboration of the original creators for the script
  • Role-playing turn-based gameplay with dynamic skills for the different attacks
  • Use your abilities off-combat farting or launching objects to different objectives to make your opponents sick or mad at you
  • Get all the characters of the original universe and recruit them into aiding you on the battlefields
  • Additional skins and more elements to download once you have previously purchased the game

In case you are interested in this title before its digital download, feel free to check the official website through this link.

System Requirements

Here are listed the minimum requirements for this game on PC:

  • Operating System: Windows XP Service Pack 3 or later
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo CPU at 2.5 GHz or faster
  • Video Card: Nvidia 9800GT, Radeon HD 3870 or better
  • Memory: 1.5GB RAM
  • Size: 6GB free space